Aromoratherapy is the use (by inhalation and or application) of pure essential oils, distilled from plants, flowers, shrubs and trees to restore or enhance health, beauty and well-being.   Aromatherapy incorporated into facials, skincare and massage therapy enhances the treatment significantly on a therapeutic level and emotional level.  It is best to stay away from essential oils during pregnancy (especially in the first there months ) except those considered safe: rose, neroli, lavender and chamomiles.

Lemon: stimulating, skin cleanser, purifies air

Lavender: Universal sedative and tonic action, very balancing antiseptic, anti -inflamatory, skin rejuvenation.  research show that linalool show potent sedative, fungistatic and bacteriostatic actions.





Some major properties of essential oils:

Anti-Infectious/antimicrobial/antiseptic.  :antimocrobial, kills bacteria:Eucalyptus, oregano, clove bud, thyme, cedarwood.