Essential oils are pure, natural, aromatic substances.   Essential oils used in massage therapy are beneficial for aches, pains, allergies, headaches and overall well-being.  The uses would be inhalation, diffusion and topical application to the body.  Because of the high concentration of essential oils they are diluted prior to being used on the skin during a massage session. For instance, for general aches and pains we use a blend from loving scents called Ahhh!  It is a blend of essential oils specifically designed for pain reduction.  It assists massage clients with fibromyalgia, joint replacement and pre-surgical aches and pains.  For those massage clients who come in with headaches we have an essential oil that helps called geranium china, results are amazing and the headache disappears within minutes.

For those coming in for a massage with anxiety, we use purity, a blend designed especially for anti-anxiety during the massage. Application would be topical and inhalation.