Facial masks are used to deeply cleanse the skin. Clay masks pull excess oil, dirt, toxins, and impurities from pores, while honey masks are hydrating and wonderful for dry or mature skin.

Sometimes I desire the cleansing properties of a clay mask, but my skin feels dry. In these instances, I will do a short clay mask for 5-7 minutes and then follow it with a honey mask. This makes my skin feel fresh and hydrated!

LED THERAPY:   led treatments are safe , unlike laser treatments, it doesn’t heat the skin, it triggers cellular activities that can lead to a host of healing and antiaging benefits.  Different wavelengths measured in nanometers are absorbed by specific photo-acceptors.  The red light i s helpful in  healing and tissue rejuvenation A little history on led: it started  and was developed by NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama and Quantum Devices, Inc., of Wisconsin.  The scientists exposed plants aboard the Space Shuttle to the near-infrared light produced by LEDs.  They found that the LEDs increased the energy produced in the mitochondria (energy compartments) of each cell.  That meant the cells grew faster.  Right about the same time, Quantum Devices scientists heard physicians discussing the use of laser therapy for their patients.  While laser light did accelerate cell growth and healing in patients, there were some significant drawbacks.  Lasers can cause tissues surrounding the treatment area to become overheated.  LEDs don’t heat the tissues the way lasers do.  That’s usefuls for treating people with burns, crush injuries, and sores.  The redder the light the longer the wavelength.  So as far as skincare and facials go the LED increases the formation of new capillaries .  The new capillaries speed up the healing proess by carrying more oxygen as well as more nutrients needed for healing .

.LED stimulates the production of collagen

.LED increases RNA and DNA synthesis.  This helps damaged cells to be replaced more promptly.

.LED increases lymphatic system activity



“PHOTO REJUVENATION IS THE ULTIMATE LOW DOWNTIME PROCEDURE.  While patients undergoing traditional cosmetic procedures such as laser resurfacing need to allow time for recuperation, photo rejuvenation treatments are ideal for active people who do not want to take time off.  After a series of these treatments the new collagen produces healthier, younger-looking skin. Improves rough skin with enlarged pores, photo-rejuvenation treatments reduces the signs of aging and sun damage.  Some people with Rosacea are able to decrease or discontinue their medications.

Fountain of Youth Day Spa offers Facials that include a LED treatment at a minimal cost.  It’s an excellent way to treat your skin.