Dry skin: your skin feels dry and tight, and sometimes you can see flakes on your cheeks, chin and forehead.  Fine lines may be present around you eye and lip contour area.


Normal/Combination skin: your skin has an even tone, and is not overly dry or oily.  From time to time you may experience oiliness on your chin, nose and forehead or dryness on your cheeks, lips and around your eye contour area.


Oily Skin:  your skin is shiny, has visible pores and is prone to spots and blemishes.  Makeup seems to slide off your skin as soon as it is applied.

Sensitive skin:  Your skin is delicate with fine pores and can be easily irritated and prone to redness.

What you can do varies for each skin type.  Here is a quick reference for all skin types.

Why exfoliate:  Exfoliation is the key to vibrant skin.  Regular exfoliation removes the hard keratin layer and build-up.