Hendersonville North Carolina

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It’s summertime in the mountains of Hendersonville, North Carolina.  Many people come to The Fountain Of Youth Day Spa for waxing services during the summer because they are heading to the beach.  The Fountain of Youth have a professional staff that have experience for over 10 years and have expertise in the art of relaxation.

Frequent questions asked about waxing services are: How long should my hair be? Will it hurt?
Your hair should be at least a quarter of an inch, in order for the wax to adhere to it and it hurts just like taking off a bandaid.  It is only the initial pull of the hair that smarts, after that there is no residual pain.  The faster the pull the better.  That is why having someone really experienced it essential.
The Fountain Of Youth Day Spa has a complete menu of waxing services, from eye brow’s to bikini’s, including brazilian .  We recommend that you do not go into a tanning bed after the waxing or the sun for at least 24 hours.  We use professional wax, ceripil ease and blue ceripil, soft and hard wax.  The Fountain of Youth Day Spa and Salon in Hendersonville North Carolina will provide you with the most relaxed spa experience ever.  A mountain getaway for you and your loved on in Hendersonville North Carolina.