Planning a spa experience in Western North Carolina Mountains.  Well, you may be considering Hendersonville North Carolina if you are visiting the area.  There are many
aspects  to a facial that are important.  Not every facial is the same and not all estheticians work the same, in fact they are very different and have different approaches to skincare.  An experienced esthetician can  look at your skin and immediately determine if you have sensitive skin by it’s tone, they might even be able to tell your heritage.  For example: Irish, German & Swedish skin may have tell tale signs of small capillaries that are visible beneath the first layer of skin.  These are important skills that an esthetician brings to the table in order to best treat their clients skin effectively.

Other aspects that make estheticians skills vary, are the method of massage that they use.  Some estheticians don’t do much massage, they just
apply the appropriate products.  At the Fountain of Youth Day Spa in Hendersonville, we feel that education, and experience are the perfect match for the ideal  facial experience.  Once your skin is examined, your facial begins and you might even fall asleep.  During your facial your skin is
cleansed, exfoliated and masked and massaged.  Various methods of massage can be used, according to skin type.  Oily skin, for example doesn’t need a deep massage, as it may activate more activity and excrete more oil.  Aging skin also has its particular needs as it may be far more dry than
someone in their mid 30’s, they may require more hydration and a gentler, perhaps pressure point of lymphatic massage.

The Fountain of Youth Day Spa and Salon located in Hendersonville North Carolina offers the ultimate spa experience with professional and expert experience.  Visit Hendersonville North Carolina to see what the Western North Carolina Mountains have to offer for you.