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Massage Therapy at the Fountain of Youth Day Spa

FASCIA is a connective tissue that wraps and envelops our body, it provides a web that interconnects all the tissues of the body.  Fascia is directly beneath the skin and superficially on the skin.  Deeper in the body it wraps around musculature and is integral to the  musculature itself by providing  endomysial sleeves that contain muscle fibers.  If fascia is under tension it stiffens and hardens restricting blood flow within the vessels and impinges nerves causing pain, stiffness, tingling or pain and congestion.  Massage helps break up this ‘scar’ tissue and releases the tension thereby restoring the body to normal function  and blood flow and nutrient supply is restored.

The Fountain of Youth Day Spa offers an amazing spa experience where you can relax and get insight about your body from the professional staff. Over 20 years of experience, our staff is well qualified and provides a massage therapy experience you will not forget.  The massage therapy staff is well qualified and you can find yourself in a relaxed setting in Hendersonville NC.  The mountain getaway experience is here in Hendersonville North Carolina.  Providing you with relaxation and rejuvenation – the massage therapy experience at the Fountain of Youth Day Spa is impeccable.  Delivering expertise at its finest.  The professional, high quality products that are used can be known for their worth.  The relaxing setting of the Fountain of Youth Day Spa is amazing and can be found nowhere else.  The lovely mountains of NC provide you with a relaxing massage therapy experience and deliver a rejuvenation like no other.  Relax with a weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina today at the Fountain of Youth in the Western North Carolina Mountains today!  Visit the Fountain of Youth while you’re at it. We offer professional experience and gift certificates for all your needs!