Blue Ridge Mountains: 

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a smaller segment of the larger Appalachian Mountains range. The mountain range is located in the eastern United States, beginning in Georgia, then ending northward in Pennsylvania. To the west of the Blue Ridge,  is where the Great Appalachian Valley is located.  Magnificent waterfalls and river systems intertwine between the Appalachian Mountains.  Mountain biking trails, hiking trails, fishing locations, outlooks, campsites etc… make the Blue Ridge Mountains a beautiful place to visit.


Fountain of Youth Day Spa & Salon:

The Fountain of Youth Day Spa and Salon is quietly located in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  With tons of outdoor activities that are available in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, the Fountain of Youth offers what is known to be a complete professional spa experience in the small town of Hendersonville, North Carolina.  Magnificent views and historic “to-do’s” are all located in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  Closely located to the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Fountain of Youth Day Spa offers many attractions outside the office.  When it comes to professionalism and elegant atmosphere’s, the Fountain of Youth Day Spa & Salon has mastered both.  Offering a wide variety of services available in our brochure.  Massage Therapy, Professional Skin Care and Hair Care are all provide with complete professionalism at the Fountain of Youth Day Spa.  Take your vacation to the mountains of Western North Carolina and enjoy the beautiful offerings available to you.  The Fountain of Youth Day Spa and Salon will give you a relaxed and calm setting while being located in some of the oldest, and most beautiful mountains in the United States.