NeuroMuscular Therapy is a highly specific results oriented method of working with chronic stress and pain.  It has been shown to be of therapeutic value for persistent soft tissue distress, injury and muscular tension.

Through precise application neuromuscular therapists can restore muscular tone and banance, improve the drainage of blood

Fountain of Youth Neuromuscular Therapy

Fountain of Youth Day Spa Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

and lymph nourishing the tissues and decrease abnormally high neurological stimulation in an area of spasm. It is safe, effective and produces no side effects apart from a mild soreness due to the release of normal cellular waste that has accumulated due to muscular strain.

Nerve Entrapment/Compression takes place when muscles spasm, putting pressure on nerves or nerve bundles that run through the soft tissues or that lie between muscles and bony structures.  The neuromuscular therapist will relax the constricted muscles relieving the pressure.