If you are health conscious, then this hair color line is just for you!  It is made with the minimum amount of chemicals and the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients.  Our master stylist Jessie Inglee is  certified in this organic system and has had happy hair clients ever since.

Organic Colour Systems is uniquely effective to create naturally healthier hair with longer lasting color.  It is non-damaging, does not smell and your head will not sting, unlike chemical color side effects.  The  product is carefully designed with the environment in mind to preserve natural environmental impact.

The health of hair affects how it responds to color.  Take the stretch test to find the best organic color Systems products to treat your hair condition and type.  For truly effective, long lasting color care range builds and boosts hair’s natural health.  Our unique, gentle and natural formulations are powerful enough to repair damaged hair in just a short time.  Fewer chemicals and no ammonia maintains the hair’s essential protein and moisture balance.  And it doesn’t damage hair in the coloring process.

It’s easy to create fiery reds, intense coppers, rich golds, auburn browns and frosty platinums and an incredible range of natural tones.  Certified organic ingredients and ammonia free make the perfect color system for healthier body, and suppleness and shine.

Our revolutionary perming product create curls with a uniquely natural feel, bounce and shine.  Organic Curl Systems works brilliantly for all perming and relaxing techniques including weave wind, root lift and traditional perms.  It’s suitable for all hair types, even damaged hair, as it naturally conditions and moisturizes hair during the perming process.

Naturally better ingredients: 100% ammonia free and 100% thioglycolates free.  Ask for more information.  Our permanent straightening system tames frizzy and  hair without resorting to harsh chemicals.