Did you know that Eminence is helping sick children in hospitals across the country.  They

have launched an initiative aimed at benefitting sick children in hospitals through a charitable

initiative .  They have Organic Days, a weekly delivery of locally-sourced organic produce to aid in the recovery of the sick children.  You can support Eminence kids by continuing to buy eminence products a portion of every product purchased will be donated to helping sick children and supporting their families.

Besides, what can be better than having an organic facial, relaxing and therapeutic , while the same time

you are giving back to a worthy cause.

Ingredients are gluten free and Vegan.  The active ingredients in the plum whip moisturizer are primrose combined with the sweet scent of plum.  High levels of phytonutrients will also fight off free radicals.  Apply a layer of moisturizer over the entire face and neck area.  Calendula and chamomile are calming, while carrot, vitamin a provide carotene oils.  Black currant is an antioxidant and source of mineral salts, trace elements and organic acids.